Hola Shift

After building a reputation in Google you dont expect a single attack to bring the house down.
but so it did.
now i am sort of unlisted.
heh even my registration in the band are gone since they crashed.
speaking about programing.
i was always wondring how you guys are doing in retrival of data out of AS/400.
i have here Sabratec Applinx to get the data out through the use of procedures that return a vector.
the vector is counted in the as/400 anf the counter is passed to me.
but i get in the vector and check the counter+1 cell to see if the cell is empty or non existant.
i find it very helpfull to be fully sure that this is the case.
i told the AS/400 people of my doings and they decided to copy me in their methods.
this was not a smart move since they had to invent the wheel to each procedure.

my question is this.
do you think that there is a place for this type of validation. or you think that you can count on the counter?
oppinions are the source of all creation…

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