in Jonathan Schwartz’s Weblog he describes the economics behind the fight of microsoft vs. sun on the internet.
he depicts the internet as a railroad and the technology as been the locomotive.
he allso describes how companies get around to use technology as more then cost reduction tools but as branding tool.
in his sort of part 2 he grants us with 2 insights.
The first, as a true extention of his first post, been that computer hardware is not the commodity but the computing time/power, equivelant to time/destination in telecome and electricity not generators in the electrical industry.
the second his loathing of IBM and patents.
i belive that the patents he described were part of computer hardware development wich IBM was a pioneer in.
These 2 posts are quite a facinating class in technology economics.
very interesting to read.


  1. […] # re: Do we need more IM protocols? i personally agree with the over fragmentation. then again this is technology branding in action. if you could develop a cross gap protocol and standartize it then you whould be the train builder of the world. look at my post on Jonathan Schwartzs point of view. There is a big need for standartization for net tools. i see the effort coming in SOA, protocols ,like ATOM and RSS, and proprietery software in the first stages of the development like avalon. when we get to the right standartization of the net we will see service providers growing insted of software vendors. till then. google is installed. enjoy!! 8/24/2005 11:25 AM | Yuval Ararat […]

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