I went to a seminar in the desert for a ouple of days.
today after 4 days of not looking i found that my site was hacked.
why did you hack this site?
did it stmulate youre intense unsatisfied ego?
what did you get out of it?
just got me offline for a day……
the hackers mind when he is destructive is so unwlcomed to me.
i know i am not safe to all the hacking in the world but why do you need to destroy my simple place over the web?
get a life mister weboutlawsys. is the spirit of Ottoman Empire destruction swirmed up to try again and slauter the ararat tribes? as was done in the past?
as was done to the jews?
are you hittler??
go home you little kid ad think about the freedom you are exploiting…
i have mine to cherish.

to all peace lovers out there “Let there be love!!”
i have my hacker friends who spread the love. you are not one of them.

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