Command and control

Well this is one of those things that make you wonder… could this be a power to the people point in time?
i saw in the scripting news RSS this post talking about a girl in Korea riding the subway and when her dog pooped she didn’t care and didn’t clean and basically said to every body F*^# you. well the act is not so nice and the result was a nice pic of her on the web.
i saw this in Don Park’s blog but i have to say i disagree with the fierce attitude he took. i agree with some of his thoughts about over exposing her identity and lynching her/ trialing her publicly was over the lines but to deter people from doing things like that must be linked to the fear from crowd reaction. we are social animals and we love to be a part of the society. i think that the idea is to make you pay the social duties publicly some what like in Singapore jail where you can see the bad things that happen to bad people.
i am pondering on a better application of this digital camera age and fast data transfer as means of social control. unfortunately we are still embodied in these living cases. there must be a wa to harness this type of power to the people to make our society better.
though the same thing that happened to this poor girl might happen.
pondering the ideas…..
processing possible candidates for an application.
back to work!!!

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