Converting to DataTable

i am encoutering a standartization issue where one of my data sources is not a standart SQL kind but a differant one.
the data source is the Sabratec Applinx adapter to AS-400 queries.
they return a serializable array of objects or some sort of an array depending on the query and its resulting data types and Business enteties that were assigned to deal with the returning results.
in order to create a unified interface for SQL server and Applinx i wanted to wrap applinx with a wrapper to convert the returning arrays to DataTable or any other ADO.NET objects. the idea is to support some sort of select mechanisem that will call the function and that will auto generate a ADO.NET type of response.
I have found this blog post accedently browsing the web.
I am so happy to see this.
this is sor of what i was aiming to. though i need to find a way to create reflection to the calls of the functions. they are dynamic and need to be aded to the code before you can call them.
soon i will see if this whole standrtization is worth the fight.

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