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i have had the worst experiance i could have for the first time trying to use the DataGrid ButtonColumn click event. the solution was so fustrating so i had to publish it. i stumbled across it some where as a side note that expects every one to know that you are suppose to use the Initialize component to dynamically build the Grids layout.
well i didnt.
if you need to use the datagridName_ItemCommand(object s, DataGridCommandEventArgs e) in a grid that you fabricate dynamically in the Code behind then remember! you must put the rendering function in the
override protected void OnInit(EventArgs e){ block.
unless you do this then the event wont fire up at all. no matter if you use the PushButton type or LinkButton type or if you use the
it all boils up to the page life cycle and the place where the button is rendered and connected to its event.

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