Long Time Home

I have been out of the office for a bit in a clients location.
Saw some old friends of mine and some current friends.
i had no time to blog
nor had i time to read.
the long nights syndrome.
I am back.
Just looked at a problem some dude had with accessing a Oracle Database. he had to get some numeric value to return from the DB but it was not as stable as he wanted it and he got some Null’s. of course he went buzzurks and said “it aint possible!! how can an int return a null????”
unfortunatly for him he had no .Net 2.0 an no Nullable types. so for the C#pers amongst us here is a nice blog on the subject by Eric Gunnerson i have searched it to find all 3 of his topics on the Nullable types.
until i get to the next project the current week is still in the .Net 1.1 so…
See ya later Nullable types.

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