IE 7 Bugslayer revenge

in this Post you can understand why i am so not waiting for IE 7.
I am a proud user of FireFox and see the changes they have inerted into the IE as BugFixes and not innovative mind.
i belive ever since the browser wars has ended there is nothing really new in the IE. they only debug and add fetures that are so obvius.
from the article somthing that really annoyed me was:

“Support the alpha channel in PNG images. Weve actually had this on our radar for a long time, and have had it supported in the code for a while now.”

well if you had it in the code why do i need to wait for it? no netscape to fight ah?
have you not thought about the clients?
if this fix is available isnt it the clients right to recive it? have we not bought enough windows licences to support this effort?
apperantly not.
as this text points out we are not important clients.

i hope microsoft can learn from their Visual Studio team and their .Net team in inovative mind and unhorsed Vision (Tunneled i assume like the horses eye shades to not stray from the path)

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