Visiting the Kneset

Well i have to say that the day started out as a simple non-interesting day in a course you dont think that you would like… we went to the Kneset. as in the Kneset channel (yeah we have one that plays the happening over there (feels like a closed circuite TV in a room).
The begining was boring!! some strange accented woman with lack of hebrew skills tried to explains to us what we have allready knew.. how laws are made… then we went to see her explaining to us what mark chagal never explained. and then we went to the first floor to sit in a commity. every one chose his and i went to the one that talked about the constitution. since it is the most interesting in the long term. or may be it was because they were suppose to talk about the new law for politization of all jobs in the govranment… any way we got into the commity and it was totally cool. they were talking about a differant law realted to the realeasing of abandoned wifes from their husbands. Chairman of the commity was member of the parlament Michael Eitan and a few religios and non religios member of the parlament participants from allmost the two most extream parties.
it was very interesting to see the politics in action and not in the dirty side of it…
we saw allso a new law that came out and the voting for it….. verry funny to see the way that the law makers back up the voters with other parlament ,members that will jump to vote if the parlament members that support the law will need some help.
we have allso talked to one of the oposition member of the parlament Nisim Dahan. this sash member was very interesting. he spoke about doing and beeing and was a great political activist in his attitude. he never talked in a dismissing kind of language and was very witty in the representation of the truth.
you could hear the thin line of wishing and doing streching in his representation of the reality in been a member of the parlament.
i was very plased from the whole day.
but the most interesting thing was talking to a friend of mine who took a ride with me back and forth to jerusalem. we had a blast yapping about the world and jobs and other stuff like business oppertunities and basically the way we see the world.

i am now going to find some stuff on the new Visual Studio 2005 since i am on the verge of starting to build some applications with it…..
yep thats about does it…

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