Google+ 2 thumbs up

Google has released to the wild the Google+ sharing network, its invite states the following.

The Google+ project aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life.
The easiest way to share some things with college buddies, others with your parents, and almost nothing with your boss.
Let friends know you’re free for a video hangout, any time, anywhere. Then catch up, watch YouTube, or… just hangout.
A feed of just the stuff you’re really into, so when you’re free, there’s always something waiting to be watched, read, or shared.

just by this description you get to the point where they hit the nail on the head. i want to be able to replicate social activities not see the farmville score of all my social acquaintance.
Circles are great and hangouts with video chat is super awesome.
I am still not quite sure how sparks differ from google reader/gmail type of filtering and grouping of information. will have to wait and see.
Here are some screenshots of the software.
So when you start the usage of the Google+ you discover that the bar at the top of google applications, all but gmail, changes to this

Yes! i am now Yuval+! wish i could get the twitter handle also :(. i love the color scheme and think it works well with the white background, its not innovative but will certainly do.
When you select your name + you get the profile screen to fill up

After you fill it up you can start browsing around and i started by looking at the lonely +1 i have ever clicked.
My Profile with the +1’s i have.

On the home page you see on the RHS 2 things you have to click, Hangout and feedback.

This is probably the coolest feature on the software, it has the potential to replace skype and other technologies even for office use.
You get to see me through the video yippee this is the Hangout console with only me in it. care to join?

These are the circles, they are the true value of this social system it lets you organise the crowds to the right place and keep them informed based on what they should be aware of.

Removing and adding people is intuitive and feels very good.
Just drag the person out of the circle and you are done.

You Are out of the circle buddy!
Adding is the same way and there are cool animations when you add the people to the circle.
Over all i think google have made a very good job in user interface and functionality to get me hooked. i hope i will not be lonely.
I am waiting on the android integration as the mobile site is a bit underpowered and requires me to use the website to do most of the work.

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  1. Fred says

    Hello mate, when you get a chance can you please send me an invite to Google+ (

  2. says

    Invitations are closed since 2 days back so i cannot help you out, i also dont know who you are and if you are not a bot/scam wishing to get hold of some information i have and thus am reluctant and hesitant of any action.
    Sorry in both cases.

  3. Ariel Bereslvasky says

    אין סיכוי שאתה מכיר אותי וזה
    ואני לא מכיר אותך אבל אני יודע שיש לך גוגל+ ואני ממש רוצה הזמנה לזה אז האם בבקשה תוכל לישלוח לי הזמנה לזה…?
    תודה מראש

  4. Ariel Bereslvasky says

    אגב למה אתה לא עושה בעברית?
    ומאוד אהבתי את הסקירה של השירות החדש של גוגל
    אגב קראתה לשירות תוכנה(Software), 6 שורות אחרי הסקירה הקצרה מבוא לא יודע איךך קוראים לזה נוו… מילה אחרונה קצר
    אבל זאת אפליקציית ווב
    אגב יש לי יומהולדת בעוד 4 ימים אז זה יהיה אחלה אם תוכל לישלוח לי הזמנה כאשר יהיה ניתן לישלוח שוב….
    תודה ואני בן אדם בן 14 (15 עוד מעט ייאייי) גר בישראל ראשון לציון לא מוכן לדייק יותר מאשר לאינפורמציה הזאת כל דרך שאוכל להראות לך שאני אדם אמיתי ולא בוט ספאם או כל דבר אחר
    תודה תודה תודה מראש 😀

  5. says

    Ariel Mate, The language of the web is english.
    I personally live in Australia thus use the native language, well almost native…
    Software is the basic ingredient of a web application or any application.
    Happy birthday. i will send you an invite as soon as they enable us to do so. invites have been closed and not opened until now.
    Good luck in life.

  6. Ariel Bereslavsky says

    First of all their a way to add people to “Google+” without invitation.
    You need to tag me in a photo ( that will send me an invitation.
    Your 1 million% Israeli the name and the family name xD, what you do in Australia…?!?!
    You don’t have a about me link so there is no info about you…><"
    GR8 blog by the way :-)

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