Forwarding messages from outlook to gmail

by Yuval Ararat on 20/11/2008

I have been asked to help some one to forward all his mail messages from Outlook exchange account to his Gmail folder.
So to achieve that you need to open your outlook.
Go to Tools->Rules and Alerts…
Rules and Alerts
Then you need to create a new rule. in the window that popped up you click on the new rule button.
create a new rule
Then you get the rule window with templates in it.
Click on next and you get the default rule that you are about to customize.
Change the marked item in the list of “Step 1:” to “through the specified account”
through the specified account
Click on the first link in the “Step 2:” box.

Select the account you want to forward
Select the account
Click on OK.
Then click on next and change the selection to “forward it to people or distribution list”

Go to “Step 2:” and click on the second link
In the window that opens type the email account you want to forward it to
email account
Now click on OK and Finish.
That is it. test the forward with an email self addressed.