Forwarding messages from outlook to gmail

I have been asked to help some one to forward all his mail messages from Outlook exchange account to his Gmail folder.
So to achieve that you need to open your outlook.
Go to Tools->Rules and Alerts…
Rules and Alerts
Then you need to create a new rule. in the window that popped up you click on the new rule button.
create a new rule
Then you get the rule window with templates in it.
Click on next and you get the default rule that you are about to customize.
Change the marked item in the list of “Step 1:” to “through the specified account”
through the specified account
Click on the first link in the “Step 2:” box.

Select the account you want to forward
Select the account
Click on OK.
Then click on next and change the selection to “forward it to people or distribution list”

Go to “Step 2:” and click on the second link
In the window that opens type the email account you want to forward it to
email account
Now click on OK and Finish.
That is it. test the forward with an email self addressed.


  1. dan says

    Thanks so much for the detailed instructions! I am trying to set up my mom’s new smartphone and was having some trouble with this bit, so this post is awesome. One thing I noticed as I was finishing up (and maybe this isn’t going to be an issue for anyone else): you forgot to note that before you can finish, you need to assign a destination for the emails to go to in Outlook after forwarding to gmail or wherever. It’s the last field in the “step 2” box. I was promted to assign a destination to this field when I clicked “finish”, so I just clicked on the field, selected “Inbox”, and I’m in good shape. Thanks again!

  2. yogi says

    hey ,
    Thanks alot , finally i am able to do, its very simple , u rocks , keka

  3. nat says

    Thank you so much for your help, is there a way through which it would be possible for outlook to send your e-mail messages at certain times?.. I know there is Delay option, but when it sends it at the later time you specified, the message’s send time shown remains the same (early, not the one when it was actually sent..) Is there a way to send automatic messages at a set time so that their send time corresponds to that later specified time? Thank you!

  4. Mark H says

    Thanks for a well-laid-out and simple to follow guide! I found another person’s guide first and spent ten frustrating minutes trying to make that work before giving up and re-Googling and I found yours, well done :-)

  5. Robin says

    Thank you so much for your presentation. It’s really work I can forward all of my outlook mail to my gmail account.

  6. Marie Ann says

    i tried every single procedure, it is sending Ok from my outlook account, but my Gmail account is not receiving anything. what went wrong, please advise.

  7. pintu says

    I have also tried this procedure but not receiving anything in my gmail.Please advice

  8. Sam Rae says

    I’m having the same issue as Marie Ann & Pintu. Set up the rule as laid out and the emails are in my Outlook sent box, but nothing received in Gmail :( Any suggestions?

  9. Rachelle says

    Hi all,

    I used the above steps as well and I realize it is not working for Sam Rae, pintu, and I because it is being forwarded as “client-only.” Meaning that it only works when you have Outlook open. When Outlook is not open, it will not forward your emails to your other specified account. If we can only figure out how to not run this forwarding option as client-only…

  10. John says

    I used your procedure and it doesn’t work can you please tell me why? Thanks.

  11. Mazrulla says

    Very clear directions, and has worked perfectly. Thank you very much.

  12. Ricardo says

    Very very clear instructions indeed and it worked just perfectly. thank you

  13. Ganesh ramalingam says

    sir, i want to know about outlook. regarding how to configure outlook copy of mail in outlook to gmail account (forwarding option is enable). i can configured, but icon of inbox is enable as forward option please try to rectify the problem as soon as possible

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