A New Earth

by Yuval Ararat on 28/10/2008

A New Earth

I have stumbled upon Charlie Brooker item in The Guardian.
In this Article Charlie had experienced an awareness moment. The kind you might have also experienced while lying motionless for a few moments gazing at the ceiling. The felling of vast emptiness coupled with great awareness.
That might be referred to, as one of the commenter points out, God.
Don’t get me wrong I am more in the line of thought that we are truly disconnected from ourselves and quite asleep, and aware of my self as a bit of a sleepy one.
Now i am not a believer, and have no intention of converting any body any way, but i have to state that from some strange arrangement of events i have just finished Eckhart Tolle newest books A New Earth.
I am rereading it since it was quite elaborate for me to sponge in a first read.
The bizarreness experience is that the Article came to me at this point. i was reading just about the economy and clicking through some links and from economy to go directly into this was quite strange.
Now i know this is not really related to all of the technical articles i have here but i want you if you can to read/listen to Eckhart Tolle’s book and try to go through it.
I know at first it sounds strange but some preliminarily self tests do sound reasonable and not ultra exceptional.
And yes i know Opera is pushing him and all but reading this changed my mind over the O show.

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