Creating multiple y axis graph in excel 2007

Ok this was annoying to figure out so here you go.
I was trying to create 2 axis graph, or chart, in Excel since the relationship of the data was not very good. one was in the tens and the other was in the thousands.
First create a graph using your data and select the type you like. in our case it was a 2 line graph.

then right click on the smaller graph, the blue one in our case, and select the “Format Data Series…”

Then we get a popup window for the series options with the ability to change the series axis.

We select the Secondary axis option and close the window using the Close button.
The graph will update and set for 2 Y axis display.

P.S. the process can be repeated for more lines and more Y axis.


  1. Amol Aute says

    Thanks due to ur comment on third axis i could manage to do my presentation and it really helped me

  2. Rita says

    Thank you. As noted in a previous comment, this saved me a lot of time and was much easier to do than in Excel 2003.

  3. Paul says

    But more than 2 y axis is not possible with excel 2007, If you know how to have more than two y axis in excel pl let me know

  4. Madison says

    this seriously just saved my life i was trying to figure this out for a good hour and the project is due tomorrow i LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bill says

    So, what do you do if the Plot Series On section is grayed out? I am trying to re-use a chart someone else created, and I am assuming I need to specify something in the series in order to pick the primary or secondary axis.

  6. Bill says

    Never mind, figured it out… The other series was not grayed out, so I was able to plot it on a different axis…. A joy to figure out, nonetheless.

  7. Steve says

    Thank you, this was awesomely helpful and saved a lot of mucking around!

  8. Ryan bell says

    dude!! this saved me so much time i love u bra!! this was so wicked !! imma go know but man i love u !!

  9. Tom Earl says

    how do I make Multiple categorys (Axis Labels) in a line chart
    what I have is multiple programs that I want to trend but in the lable axis categorys only let me list one form of data

  10. aa says

    Terrific! I love when a quick google search turns up exactly what I need.

  11. Naz says

    Bill, how did you get it to not be ‘greyed out’ any longer?!?!?!?! Mine is greyed out?!?!

  12. diffeomorfisme says

    bedankt. heb ik al te veel tijd aan dit domme ding verspild …

  13. jenn says

    Thank you sooo much, i wasted too much time trying to figure out something so simple. thank you for taking the time to explain exactly what i needed!

  14. Vaibhav jain says

    Great info !!
    I want to create multiple y axis chart in excel 2007. office expander is charging a lot of money for that add on. Is there any other way i can do it. Thanx in advance

  15. Wendall says

    I noticed that the multiple Y axes software for Excel (Multy_Y) is currently showing as 50% off at
    Maybe this will help. I don’t know of any other way to produce these charts in Excel.

  16. Rohit says

    Thanks for your simple explanation. Didn’t think I’d ever be able to do this and you showed me how in 30 seconds. Really, truly, made my day.

  17. RADMAN says

    You can create 2 seperate graphs into Excel, set their plot area to No fill (Format plot area), then remove all axis that you don’t want to overlay from the second graph when you move it on top of the 1st. You should be able to see 3 set of data refering to 3 seperates Y axis scales (3rd one have to be edit from text with font size to match the original scale) Mine worked just great; I wish I could paste this on this website… RAD

  18. Chris says

    So now you have what looks like intersecting line series, which is not the intention. Sometimes the scale difference can be overcome by expressing as percentages of final figures or totals, depends if u really need to see original figures or not. You could also try a log scale, comparing rates of change instead of comparing raw numbers on graph. There are many ways to look at the numbers using a graph, without messing up perceptions of the data.

  19. Dino says

    what should we do if we want more that two y axis? When I try to make a 3rd y axis as a secondary axis, it still plots the data with my existing y axis. Appreciate if you can help me out.

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